Fire and Flood Cleaning Services

At Rejuven8 Cleaning Services, we understand the devastating impact that fire and flood damage can have on your property. Our fire and flood damage cleaning services are designed to provide comprehensive restoration and cleanup, helping you recover from these events with as little disruption as possible.

Fire & Smoke Cleaning

Rejuven8 Cleaning Services offers a comprehensive fire restoration cleaning service. Professional cleaning of a fire damaged home is a vital step in restoring your home back to a safe space.

Our experienced fire damage cleaners will remove soot and smoke damage with the following methods:

We understand this is most likely your first time dealing with a fire in your home. Our friendly customer service team can advise you on what steps to take next in restoring your home.

HEPA Vacuum of Soot and Smoke Damaged Surfaces

The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum is a crucial tool for removing fine soot particles from surfaces like walls, ceilings, floors, and furnishings. Soot particles generated by fires are very fine and pose health risks if inhaled, making their removal essential. The cleaning process begins with an assessment to identify heavily sooted areas. Technicians then use HEPA-filtered vacuums to clean these surfaces thoroughly. The HEPA filter traps even the smallest particles, preventing them from becoming airborne and further contaminating the area. Special attention is given to detailed areas where soot might settle, such as crevices and textured surfaces, ensuring a comprehensive clean.

Chemical Wash of Soot and Smoke Damaged Surfaces

A chemical wash is employed to remove stubborn soot and smoke residues that cannot be eliminated by vacuuming alone. This process helps restore the original appearance of surfaces and prepares them for any necessary repairs or repainting. The cleaning begins by selecting appropriate, safe cleaning chemicals based on the type of surface and the extent of damage. Technicians apply the cleaning solution to the affected areas using brushes, sponges, or spray applicators. The chemicals break down and dissolve the soot and smoke residues, which are then wiped away. This method ensures that even the most persistent contaminants are thoroughly removed, leaving the surfaces clean and ready for restoration.

Fire Smoke Odour Treatment

Lingering smoke odours can be persistent and unpleasant, requiring specialised treatment to fully eliminate them. The process involves using advanced odour removal techniques such as fogging and ozone treatments. Fogging disperses a fine mist of deodorising agents throughout the affected area, neutralising smoke odours on contact. Ozone treatment, on the other hand, involves using ozone generators to produce ozone gas, which reacts with and eliminates odour molecules. These methods penetrate deep into porous materials like fabrics, walls, and carpets, ensuring that all traces of smoke smell are eradicated. This comprehensive approach restores fresh air to the property, making it habitable once again.

Removal of Fire Damage Waste

The removal of fire-damaged waste is a critical step in the clean-up process, as it involves safely disposing of debris and materials that have been compromised by the fire. This step starts with identifying and categorising all damaged items, including furniture, structural materials, and personal belongings. Items that are beyond salvage are carefully removed from the premises. Technicians use appropriate protective gear and follow strict safety protocols to handle hazardous materials safely. The waste is then transported to designated disposal sites that comply with environmental regulations. This thorough removal process helps to clear the space, allowing for a more effective cleaning and restoration of the property.

Flood and Sewage Cleaning

Floods can pose significant dangers within your home.
Firstly, they can lead to structural damage, such as weakening the foundation and walls of your property, and can cause long-term issues with the integrity of your property. Secondly, floodwaters often carry contaminants and sewage, creating a health hazard as they contaminate your living space. This can lead to infections, diseases and illness from this bacteria, which could lead to a trip to the hospital or even death.
Electrical systems can be compromised, increasing the risk of fires and electrocution. Additionally, floods can ruin personal belongings and cherished possessions, leading to emotional distress. Consequently, floods in your home are not only financially damaging but also physically and emotionally perilous.

Also the risk of mould growth in your property after a flood is extremely high. Mould is hazardous to an individuals health and wellbeing. Prolonged exposure to mould can cause a variety of illness and if someones immune system is compromised, it can even cause death in some cases.

This is why we always recommend that you sort your flooding problem straight away.

Water removal is the first step of any flood clean up. Once we remove excess water from your home, this will allow us and yourself to rescue items that could be salvaged from the flood. We understand how stressful it can be having a flood in your property, be it residential or commercial and we know that rescuing important items is at the forefront of your concerns.

It is also important for us to get your property back to a liveable or workable state. Having a flood in our home or business either stops it from being habitable or stops you from being able to trade. This is why we make sure we attend as quickly as we can and can remove any water that is inside your property.
Our team also carries pumps and water extraction machines to ensure that we can complete a flood clean up within a day.

Along with this, the health hazards that can come from raw sewage or flood water can be drastic. Our teams are equipped with the correct sanitisers to ensure your property has no lingering bacteria which can make you ill. The sanitisers we use will kill up to 99% of bacteria within the property.

Floods that are left uncleaned and treated are a prime environment for mould growth. You must ensure that your property has the excess water removed and quickly.
Our flood cleaning technicians can not only do this for you, but we will always assess the property after the clean for mould and make sure that it doesn’t haunt you after the water is gone.

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